Fiji, vol.1

BULA!!! It means Hello in local language. We are finally in Fiji Islands, but to be correct, in Viti Levu, which is from appr. 330 island the biggest and also most important. But let’s start from beginning…Tallinn Airport, 6.10., Monday morning. At home i was sure, that my luggage’s are not more than 40 kg, but unfortunately it wasn’t true. I had 15 kg over, so my choices were to pay or leave some things behind. I left one bag home. My brother will bring it when he will come.First flight from Tallinn to Frankfurt was ok, if we are not consider Andree, who was all the time hungry. Andree is my brother’s son who will stay 5 month with me in Fiji. Finally i had to promise to go with him to McDonalds in Frankfurt. What we did. There was some huge spaceship for kids, so we spend there more than 2 hours. Next flight was to Seoul, lasted 10 hours. I was hoping, that Andree will sleep, but there was one „small” problem. That plane was so developed, that everybody had his own tv screen and remote control, lot of movies and games and music. So, we didn’t sleep not one minute. I took sleeping bill, but it didn’t help me at all. In Seoul we had 6 hours time till next flight. I put Andree to sleep and i was wondering around. Nothing special, only prices for elecronic’s was good. Our last flight lasted 9,5 hours and we didn’t sleep again. Now it was already time problem. So, reaching finally Nadi i hadn’t sleep for 48 hours.

Our new home for a few weeks is Villa 31, which belongs to Lisa and Robert Stone. They are old friends of my brother. Villa is by the river. We got 2 rooms for ourselves. In the house are living two dogs, Spike and Bab’s, cat and 2 parrot, who suppose to have mating season, unfortunately they fail constantly. They only yelling and chasing each other. Robert is fishing consultant and excellent cook same time. With Lisa they are vegetarians, so in the moment I eat very healthy food. Unfortunately I can’t say it about Andree. He is eating only cornflakes.

But he don’t have time to eat anyway, he is all the free time in the pool with his new best friend Max. During last weekend they were already in one island celebrating somebody’s birthday. And making camping same time. But there was raining all the time, so when he finally came home in the Sunday’s afternoon, there was no try peace of cloths in his bag.

For now is only playing time over and he start his school in our village. Same time he has to study also Estonian school program, so we get up 6.00am, to study before school and some days we study after schools. I have to get up earlier to go to run or fast walk. Mornings are the best time. It’s not hot yet, birds are singing and all nature is waking up around you. Around the Robert’s villa is amaizing park with more than 300 different palm tree. It is unique park in the world. In the other side of the river is rainforest, with bird singing what remind’s more shouting.

Our village name is Pacific Harbour, situated 50km from capital Suva. Village is small and quiet. Young people are leaving, but all over are pensioners. They spend their free time in golf course, which is so big it is half of the village. Villas are beautiful, nicely decorated, placed near river, or lake or sea. Rent prices are between 800-4000 $ per month.

In the middle of village is center called Art Village, where is supermarket, small handy craft store’s, restautants and bank. We have post office, police and school. And few hotel’s of course. And of course my brother’s fish factory called Gourmet foods Co. It is next to Art’s Village, but here is nothing far away. Village is small and boring.

So, that’s how we started routine again. In the morning I’m running or studying with Andree, then I send him to school and I am going to factory. I do not have nothing special to do here, but here is internet, at least most of the time…if there is electricity or connection is missing all over Fiji…But I can read my mail’s. We do not have tv and net in the villa, so we don’t loose time for that. And I don’t have to worry my blond head with world troubles.

Few days ago I was first time in Suva, in the capital. Big, ugly town. We needed uniform to Andree and also phone card’s. For my surprise prices for phone’s are very low. New simple Nokia cost’s like 25$. But otherwise prices are high here. Much higher than in Estonia. Only fruit and vegetables are normal price. And assortment is extremely small.

In this country there is one interesting thing; I never have seen before so many religions living side by side, most time in peace. Here is represented all possible religions. About some of them I even haven’t heard before.

Since now I haven’t dive yet, which is sad. I miss water. But when I was drying to book diving, it was full booked. And nobody needs Russian speaking instructor L I should move somewhere else…

It was all for this time. I will send all stories about my adventures also in the future. Until that time, please take care of Yourself, I miss You all very much!

Postitas Terje

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