Fiji vol.3

Since last Wendsday tropical cyclone has been over Fiji and because of that it has been raining continuously last four days. Biggest floods in last 20 years are in western part of Viti Levu. Around Nadi city people are evacuated from their homes. In the street there is 8 foot water. No electricity. Here in Pacific Harbour life is more or less normal. Only rain, no floods. But they promising next week new cyclone, so it’s starts to be interesting also here.
I wrote my last story in the end of November. It’s a long time ago. I had time to write, but there was nothing interesting to write about. I had two things in my life; studying in 4th grade and sport.
In December started Christmas madness also here. It was funny enough. All stores were decorated. Dark skin Santa Clause was ringing bells…temperature outside store was +35C and full sunshine. Everywhere was crowded. Bad economical situation in the world didn’t show here any signs.
19th of December arrived my brother Tarvi. Same evening we had company Christmas party. Rum punch was popular, so soon girls started jump to river and evening ended with “baby powder war”. During that night we had extremely strong thunderstorm, what kept me awake all night. So next day I had bad hangover, but we decided to visit my brothers friends in Suva anyway.
Bobi and his family is something to see. Father is hindu and mother is local girl from Rotuma island. They have lot of children, some of them are adopted. Bobi served for us local food called lovofood. They make it in very natural way using steam coming from hot stones. This food consists daloroots, ro-ro leafs and coconut milk. Very tasty. Same food we also eat in Christmas dinner. Tarvi did catch 12,9 kilo lehi few days before Christmas, so Bobi made for us food named coconda. It’s raw fish, coconut milk, lime and onion. So, we had very different Christmas this year.
Last day of the year was same like always. We were in Uprising hotel with our local friends, dancing almost till dawn. First time in my life I was in the place New Year comes first in the world.
When brother arrived, something else also changed in our life. We had to say good-bye to life in villa and move to small motel directly in beach. All together to one small room. But sunrises was stunning. Here we spend 2 weeks and only few days before brother had to leave again, he decided to live 3 days like “white man” and we moved to local 5star hotel. We had 2 house villa with all possible; pools, kitchen, plasma TV-s in every bedroom, yakuzi’s and of course direct view to ocean. I don’t know, did I enjoyed it very much or my brother, but Andree took everything from this 3 days. We started to call him “Luxman”. Two days we had also jeep and we made nice and interesting trip to mountains. In the middle of nowhere we meet white boy who turned up to be local teacher already for two years. He was with local girl. They took us to waterfall for swimming and according to local hospitality they invited us for lunch to their villages. We spend there like 3 hours all together.
Some moment raised question, do we stay here or we all going back home. Then I got panic. Sharkdive wasn’t made!!! So I organized it immediately.
Dive was organized well and is not comparable with my last experience in Fiji waters. In the boat there were 5 clients and 10 staff! Once again they wanted to collect my equipment, but I didn’t let them. Safety briefing was very clear, also about diving. First dive was in 3 different depths; 29m, 15m and 3m. In 29m was small wall and we had to stay on our knees behind it. In front of us was box with food and feeder. Behind us was staff with metal stick to prevent shark to come too close. It was like theatre and they had been practicing it last 10 years. So, sharks know, how to behave and they have even names. In this point I had little extra. After 5 minutes behind wall one instructor told me to go lower and closer to sharks. It was 32m then. It was better, but visibility was poor and too much small fish was swimming around foodbox. In this depth we had Bullsharks, 5 or 6 pieces. They made round and got food. After 15 minutes we moved to 15m where was different reefsharks. There was more light, so I got better photos. In my way up I meet also octobus and nice big moray eel. Last stop was in depth of safety stop, where was plenty of light and nice corals.
After 45 minutes surface interval we made second dive in same spot. All 35 minutes we spend in 15m, behind small wall again and 6 Bullsharks made nice rounds again. They come so close I had to pull my head away. Otherwise I would feel tale in my face…
I liked this day very much. Of course I missed diving, but sharks were beautiful. So, if you are tired looking for sharks in Red Sea, come here. Beqa Divers give sharks to you on plate. Just enjoy!
It’s still raining. I can’t even run. I study only Estonian language and mathematics. Problem is I may become wise ;))) Brother went home and we moved back to one room in the small motel. Life is routine now us I suppose to live somewhere in the middle of Pacific Ocean. I need to learn enjoy rugby, local most important event. Looking nice, athletic young men running… is not so bad at all. After one month friends from Estonia will arrive and I love that thought. Life is not so bad here. Food is healthy, no wars,warm…what you want more! If I could only dive more…eee, one more thing. I miss my friends and diving buddies. I want them to chill with me.

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